Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RHODE ISLAND DRUG CASE: Police Charge Medical Marijuana Patient with Felony Cultivation of Marijuana

In today's current legal environment, medical marijuana patients must take extra precaution to avoid being wrongfully charged by the police. Medical marijuana patients statewide are being targeted and charged with major drug felonies including possession with intent to deliver marijuana and cultivation of marijuana. These charges, as one can see from the story below, have been levied upon individuals in compliance with Rhode Island's Medical Marijuana Laws. The law can be difficult to discern and apply in real life scenarios. If the police have charged you or a loved one with a drug charged related to your possession, cultivation, or use of medical marijuana call me today for a free consultation. I have handled cases statewide involving charges stemming from the possession and cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. Call me now for a FREE CASE EVALUATION and a no non-sense opinion regarding your case.**

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By Scott Pickering

A 37-year-old Woonsocket man tried to keep officers out of his third-floor apartment by saying it was too messy, but they overlooked the mess to nail him with $900 worth of pot, a grinder, a scale and $1,512 in cash. Officers were originally called to the third-floor apartment after someone reported bottles being thrown from the roof. When the tenant answered the door, he told officers someone had thrown a rock through his attic window and broken it, and denied throwing bottles. Police asked to see the window and the man said he would rather not show them because the area was messy. Once they entered the apartment, officers noticed a small marijuana grow operation with several young plants.

He told officers he had a prescription for medical marijuana and produced a card from Colorado, saying that he had recently moved and was awaiting his Rhode Island card, which was in the mail. Instead of waiting for the card, police charged him with felony manufacture/delivery/possession of marijuana.

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