Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rhode Island Case: Women Charged For Multi-State Break-Ins

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VIA East Bay
Two women arrested in connection to multiple break-ins in south Westport have aalso been charged in Little Compton with one break-in.

Tarisa Affonso, 20, of 37 Fairfield Ave., Tiverton, and Brea Goyette, 20, of Fall River, were taken into custody in Tiverton on Jan. 18 when their vehicle was spotted by an off-duty officer, according to Westport police.

Brea Goyette, 20, of Fall River, was arrested in connection to multiple break-ins in Westport, Mass., and one in Little Compton.

They were each subsequently charged in Little Compton with breaking and entering, larceny over $500, and conspiracy to commit a felony, according to Little Compton police.

The next afternoon, they turned themselves in to Westport police and were each charged with three counts of breaking and entering, two counts of larceny over $250, and conspiracy. Police are also investigating a break-in on Adamsville Road and charges are pending.

The break-ins in Westport, on Fisherville Lane, Old Harbor Road, and Pine Hill Road, all occurred between Jan. 11 and Jan. 18, police said. They are accused of stealing jewelry and electronics. Little Compton police said the items included an iPad and a small laptop computer, along with jewelry.

It was a burglar alarm in the Old Harbor Road home that started the chain of events that led to their arrest.

After responding to the scene, Westport police asked Tiverton and Little Compton police to be on the lookout for a gold colored four-door car with extensive driver’s side damage that had been seen at the home.

An off-duty Tiverton police officer spotted the car and notified other officers, who stopped the women on Main Road in Tiverton near Lafayette Street.

Both Westport and Little Compton police interviewed them.

Ms. Affonso was wearing jewelry reported stolen from the homes, police said. She also identified four homes that they had broken into.

They allegedly knocked on doors to see if anyone was home. If someone was home, they had a fake story about a lost dog, police said. If not, they would break into the house.

The girls told investigators that they had sold and pawned some of the stolen jewelry and identified stores in both Swansea and Fall River that they had done business with.

They may also face charges in those cities.

Westport police secured a warrant for Ms. Goyette’s Fall River apartment and a joint effort between officers from the Little Compton, Westport, and Fall River forces enacted a search of the premises.

During the search, investigators found several stolen items as well as a quantity of cocaine.

“The success of this investigation was possible because of the solid efforts from all of the law enforcement officers involved in this case,” said Westport Det. Sgt. Antonio Cestodio.

Police still have several confiscated items that are unclaimed. They encourage anyone with information to contact their local police department.

Det. Sgt. Cestodio stressed that the best deterrent to burglars is a functioning house alarm and properly locked doors.

Police are also investigating a possible male accomplice.
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