Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MA, RI Officials Team Up on Drug Bust

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Monday, Rhode Island and Massachusetts officials announced the results of an extensive wiretap investigation they called "Operation Night Out," which resulted in 5 arrests, and the seizure of money, drugs, ammunition, and vehicles.

The investigation took 6 months, and was centered around Jonathan Coombs, and Brandon Braddock, the owners and operators of Entourage Limousine in North Attleboro. Through the investigation, officials were able to discover that Mr. Coombs, and Mr. Braddock were selling drugs.

By using a court authorized wiretap, officials were able to find out that Coombs, and Braddock were using their limousine company for illegal operations, and selling large amounts of marijuana.

Braddock and Coombs were arraigned in Attleboro District Court on Friday, and released on $5,000 cash bail.

As a result of the investigation, other arrests were made as well. Alan Moulton of Bellingham, Ma was arrested, and arrest warrants have been issued for Thomas Gannon, and Elaine Keevan, both of Marion. All defendants have been charged with violations of controlled substance laws in RI and MA.

Officials say other arrests may still be forthcoming.

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