Saturday, April 12, 2014

Assault Charges Dismissed in the Rhode Island District Court

We are pleased to report that yesterday morning charges of misdemeanor simple assault and battery pending against a Client were DISMISSED in the Rhode Island District Court.  The Client had been facing a misdemeanor charge of simple assault and battery for allegedly assaulting two women.  According to witness statements provided by both "victims" in the case, our Client (the African American male seated in the video) became verbally aggressive and abusive towards them, got up and physically attacked the two women.  They alleged that, without provocation, the Client hit them in the face and knocked them over.

However, the Defense was able to obtain surveillance video of the incident which conclusively exhibited that the Client was the victim and had been acting in self-defense.  With the acquisition of the surveillance video we were able to prove that the statements were not only incredible, but patently false, ultimately resulting in the dismissal of all criminal charges brought against our Client.

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