Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Offense DUI Penalties in Rhode Island

If you have been charged with a first offense DUI in Rhode Island, you are likely uncertain as to how the court process works or what type of penalties the court might impose if you are convicted.  The best person to discuss your concerns with is an experienced Rhode Island DUI Defense Attorney.  Most, including Attorney Matthew Marin, offer free consultations to discuss your case and how an experienced defense lawyer could help you.  Before your consultation, please review the material below and the material on our Website for more general information on first offense DUI charges and penalties in Rhode Island.

Am I going to jail for my first offense DUI charge in RI?

In most cases, the simple answer is no.  However, if anyone was injured in an accident or if the DUI charge is not your first offense you could potentially be facing a significant jail sentence.  If you submitted to a breath or blood test and the readings are extremely high, you could be facing enhanced penalties.  If you refused to submit to a breathalyzer or blood draw, you will be facing a violation for refusal to submit to a chemical test at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

Will my first offense RI DUI charge be permanently on my criminal record?

A first offense DUI charge in Rhode Island is a misdemeanor criminal offense.  As soon as you are charged, the offense will appear on your permanent criminal record.  Whether it remains there, and for how long it remains there, depends significantly on the outcome of your case.  DUI charges that are dismissed are eligible to come off of your permanent criminal record immediately (provided you have no felony convictions).  Therefore, it is imperative that you speak with a skilled Rhode Island DUI Defense Lawyer regarding your case without delay.  In addition to being a skilled DUI defense lawyer, Attorney Matthew Marin also has significant experience handling literally hundreds of expungements for clients.  A knowledgeable expungement lawyer can help clean your Rhode Island criminal record.

How can a defense lawyer help me with my first offense DUI charge in RI?

There are several different important ways in which a defense lawyer can assist you in the defense of your first offense DUI charge in Rhode Island.  An experienced Rhode Island DUI Lawyer can exploit defenses in your case including factual issues and legal errors committed by the police.  They can use their contacts and reputation to navigate the legal system to your benefit and negotiate a favorable plea deal on your behalf and work to minimize the penalties and sanctions when appropriate.  By hiring skilled Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Attorney Matthew Marin you can put yourself in position to achieve the best possible results for your case.

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