Friday, May 2, 2014

Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston Accused of Shoplifting

A few days ago, Jameis Winston was caught shoplifting seafood from a Florida grocery store.  His case is a perfect example of the old adage, sometimes smart people do stupid things.  At the Law Offices of Matthew T. Marin, Esquire, Inc., we work hard everyday to assist our clients out of mishaps and poor decisions.  We work diligently to mitigate any and all negative consequences that might result due to a lapse in judgement or a poor decision.

Unfortunately for Rhode Island residents, not all small-time first offense shoplifting cases are handled as cleanly and easily as Jameis Winston's was.  As an alternative to criminal prosecution, Florida law allows the police to issue a civil citation for first time, non-violent offenses such as shoplifting.  He was, as a result of the civil citation, ordered to complete 20 hours of community service.  Rhode Island has no such provision and if the retail establishment wants to press charges, all such similar circumstances lead to an arrest for shoplifting.

Rhode Island Shoplifting Charges 

If you are stopped for alleged shoplifting in a Rhode Island establishment and the police are called you will almost certainly be charged with a criminal offense for shoplifting.  If the value of the items you have allegedly taken is under $500.00, then you will be charged with misdemeanor shoplifting.  If the value of the items you have allegedly taken is greater than $500.00, then you will be charged with felony shoplifting.  In either event, you will most likely be taken to the police station, processed and released with a summons to appear in the Rhode Island District Court for an arraignment.

Rhode Island Shoplifting Penalties

Rhode Island shoplifting law provides for harsh penalties even for first-time shoplifting offenders.  If you are charged with first offense misdemeanor shoplifting under $500.00, you will face shoplifting penalties which include up to one year in jail and up to a $500 fine.  If you are charged with felony shoplifting over $500, you will face felony shoplifting penalties that include up to five years in jail and up to a $5,000 fine.

Experienced Rhode Island Shoplifting Defense Attorney

At the Law Offices of Matthew T. Marin, Esquire, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing quality experienced Rhode Island shoplifting defense representation throughout the State.  Most of our Rhode Island shoplifting clients are arrested at one of two locations, either (1) they are arrested for shoplifting at the Warwick Mall, or (2) they are arrested for shoplifting at the Providence Place Mall.  We have handled a large volume of criminal shoplifting cases that were initiated by stores located in these malls, as well as other retail establishments throughout the State.  Regardless of where you were arrested, a Rhode Island shoplifting charge is a serious matter that needs to be handled by an experienced and skilled Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney.  By hiring Attorney Matthew Marin to handle your shoplifting case, you know that you will be receiving the best possible defense under the circumstances.  Contact us today to schedule a no fee, confidential consultation.  We are available 24/7 by telephone at 401-228-8271 or email at

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