Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Check on the Status of Your Rhode Island Criminal Case

Many Rhode Island residents are surprised to learn that they can check on the status of their Rhode Island Criminal Case online.  The Rhode Island Judiciary maintains a "criminal information database" which can be found below:

To use the criminal information search, click on the top link "search by defendant name / business name".  After accepting the terms of the disclaimer, you need to enter into the search form the Defendant's last name and first name.  When entering this information, be sure to enter the information correctly and spell the names correctly.  You will also need to enter your name the way it was when you were arrested by the police.

Why is my case not in the criminal information database?

If you were recently arrested, your criminal case may not yet been have entered into the Rhode Island Criminal Information database.

If your case is one involving only traffic violations, then your case will not be found in the Criminal Information database.  Regular traffic tickets are not put on the database.

One other reason why your information may not be in the database is that it has been expunged or sealed.  If your case has been successfully sealed or expunged, or if you were placed on a Filing that was completed, it will be removed from the Criminal Information database.

Why is my Attorney not listed on my case?

The Criminal Information database is very useful for certain key pieces of information relative to your case.  It is typically extremely up to date when it comes to your next court date and the courtroom for that court date.  However, other pieces of information are often not updated or inaccurate.  The Clerk's Office updates all information on every criminal case in Rhode Island.  In their limited schedule, they simply do not have the time and resources to update every change on your case so frequently the attorney of record is simply not input into your case.  So, if you don't see your attorney's name listed on your criminal case do not worry, as it is likely just not entered into the database.

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