Sunday, May 4, 2014

Incident at Cranston Subway Restaurant Ends in Felony Assault Charges

As reported earlier today by the Providence Journal, an incident that occurred yesterday evening at a Subway Restaurant in Cranston, Rhode Island led to two arrests.  A female patron was arrested on multiple charges including disorderly conduct, simple assault, obstruction of justice, and possession of marijuana.  A male who fled the scene was later arrested and charged with felony assault and disorderly conduct charges.  The felony assault charges have resulted in the male being held at the ACI pending an arraignment in the Kent County District Court on Monday morning.  For more information on this case, visit the Projo.

Rhode Island Felony Assault Charges

A charge of felony assault in Rhode Island is an extremely serious offense.  Even for a first offense, a conviction for felony assault carries up to 20 years in jail.  As alleged in the Subway Restaurant incident above, a felony assault can be committed using a dangerous weapon.  Oftentimes this is referred to as assault with a dangerous weapon, or assault with a deadly weapon (ADW).  A felony assault charge can also be brought when the victim sustains "serious bodily injury."  Serious bodily injury is defined by Rhode Island law to include (1) injury that creates a substantial risk of death, (2) injury that causes the protracted loss or function of any bodily part, member, or organ, or (3) causes serious permanent disfigurement.

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Felony assault convictions carry additional penalties in addition to the possible prison sentence.  In many cases, the defendant can be ordered to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills as restitution and the defendant, if he is not sentenced to jail, can be placed on probation for up to 20 years.

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