Sunday, May 18, 2014

Route 95 Traffic Stop Results in Heroin Bust

The traffic stop of a motor vehicle on Route 95 resulted in the discovery of over 250 baggies of heroin and a stun gun.  Two female occupants of the vehicle were arrested and held at the ACI pending an arraignment Monday.  The operator of the vehicle was charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of heroin, and driving with a suspended license.  The passenger was charged with possession of a weapon, a stun gun.  For more information on this story, visit the Providence Journal website.


If you are charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin, then the odds are that you will be held without bail for at least two weeks until a bail hearing can be held.  Depending upon the facts of the case, you may be granted bail or you could be held without bail until your case is tried in the Superior Court.  The charge of possession with intent to distribute heroin, you are facing a major felony offense that carries up to 30 years in prison for a first offense.

When your possession with intent to distribute heroin case has been brought to the Superior Court, you will be presented with two options.  First, you can attempt to negotiate a plea bargain on your case where you and the State could come to an agreement as to a possible sentence.  When you are facing a major felony such as possession with intent to distribute heroin, you are most likely going to be negotiating the length of a possible jail sentence.  Second, you could reject the State's proposed plea offer and take the case to trial in the Superior Court.  The benefits of choosing this option are that you get the opportunity to litigate any legal or constitutional issues that may be present in your case and you could possible walk away without any penalty if you are found not guilty.  However, if you are found guilty after trial the sentence you will receive is entirely up to the Judge, and they can give you up to the full sentence of 30 years in prison.

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